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All the Irish Music Concerts at Sea have been arranged by Irish Music Cruises for the benefit of those people who want the additional experience of listening to exceptional music by some of the most captivating Celtic and Folk entertainers while also enjoying the tropical paradise of an exotic island.

The concerts and sessions with the musicians are for the private enjoyment of our guests. Your package includes all the activities and entertainment the hotel provides to other paying guests but, in addition, Irish Music Cruises guests enjoy enjoy private stage performances, the more casual seisiuns of the traditional music, workshops, dance lessons, ceili's, and more.

2010 Grand Finale

Many people who vacation frequently want something more than the usual vacation activites. If you vacation with the Irish Music Cruises group, your name will be on our master list for admission to evening concerts with three separate band performances or to attend the evening sessions during the week. We look forward to meeting new people and seeing familiar faces in 2015. The one thing we have in common is our love of Irish music. No matter what your nationality is you will enjoy the festivities and experience the talent and the good humor of our fabulous performers.

Don't wait, join us for the vacation of a lifetime! If we haven't answered your question or if you would like more information, please contact us by phone at 1-888-56-IRISH or 1-888-564-7474 or by email at




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